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Amherstburg, ON Sunday January 25th, 2015 at 10:47 AM

Missing bobtail

My cat has been missing for over 2 weeks now, but I'm still hopeful. I suspect he's the victim of a "grab and dump" and I would love to bring him home. He went missing from Reynolds Court off Vermont in Amherstburg.

Little Cat is an orange and white, friendly, domesticated, indoor/ outdoor cat. He is also neutered and micro-chipped. He also has a nub tail and the tip of his ear is cut.
His family misses him very much, please be on the lookout for a cat with no tail!
Thank you!

Amherstburg, ON Thursday January 22nd, 2015 at 8:12 AM

Running the bus stop

To the jerk who ran the bus arm stop this morning on County Rd. 18-you have been spotted, and reported. You must have really been in a hurry so much so that you could not stop, slow down, respond to the blaring horning. Hope the cops are reading this now, so that they can step up patrols of speeders down this road.

All Cities Monday January 19th, 2015 at 4:19 PM

*Life lesson today*

*Life lesson today* I have always had a soft spot for people in need, I have always been a giver, without ever expecting any sort of return. At the grocery store today I was going to purchase the groceries for the family in front of me, I've done this countless times before. Something different happened today! They were so grateful, but instead of letting me pay for them they paid for a few of my groceries. My heart was full & happy! Today, it came back full circle to me, when I needed it most and expected it least. There are still good people out there... If you can't find one, Be One

All Cities Tuesday January 6th, 2015 at 8:46 PM

A very powerful anti-bullying message where a London boy is featured by WestJet

A very powerful anti-bullying message where a London boy is featured by WestJet.

Very powerful message, be kind to one another.

All Cities Wednesday December 24th, 2014 at 2:16 PM

Random Act of Kindness @ Tecumseh Mall

Today I took my nieces to help me put some smiles on random people's faces. We grabbed 2 dozen roses which were donated by Victorias Flowers and Gift Baskets. We also had 25 $5.00 Tim Hortons gift cards. We sat at the entrance and I asked them to look around and tell me who they want to give these items too. They were off, running around with a rose and gift card in their hands. Putting smiles on random people's faces. But the rewarding part for them was when a lady teared up and thanked them for making their day. My oldest niece said to me "I'm so happy because we made so many people happy. Then it started....people randomly walked up to them and had bought them some treats from the shoppers across from us. Even people they didn't get to give a rose to were still bringing them a little gift. The smiles they brought to faces was only part of it. It was a huge deal to me that they understood why we were doing this. Thank you everyone who smiled back at them and thanked them for the little gift. It made my day and theirs, Merry Christmas. #Randomactofkindness #smiles #Merrychristmas

Team Spotted

Amherstburg, ON Monday December 22nd, 2014 at 7:01 PM



My name is Rob, and would like to offer a REAL CHRISTMAS TREE to someone who can't afford one or just did not have time to pick up a tree. This said... I have 4 Christmas tree to give away. if you would like to have one or know of someone that could really use a tree, PLEASE feel free to send me a message, I will deliver within essex county and windsor.
Merry Christmas all :)

Amherstburg, ON Friday December 19th, 2014 at 8:38 AM

Let them in

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate peoples kindness. Every morning I stop at Timmies on Dougall (near staples) for my coffee. There's always that one car that come in the drive-thu line from the opposite direction and I always let them in front of me. Every time I let someone in, they have always thanked me by buying my coffee. So to all those wonderful people these past few weeks, I would like to say THANK-YOU!!! I really appreciate it.
It's such a small gesture, I don't understand why people are in such a rush that they can't let a car go in front of them, is 1 extra minute of waiting time really going to make you that late?

All Cities Thursday December 18th, 2014 at 7:35 AM

Every time we go through a drive-thur my kids have a blast

To my children, Every time we go through a drive-thru my kids have a blast. I started following this page a year ago. Every time my kids come home from school they want me to read them all the good stories. The stories about people who pay it forward and good deeds done in and around the city. It makes them so happy to hear about all these awesome people that live in our city. Now this is where it gets good...
The get some money every week for completing their chores, and birthdays and such. Every time we go through a drive thru they ask me to find out how much the order behind us was. When I do and if it’s something they can afford they ask if they can pay for it. I allow it and I sometimes chip in if they do not have enough on them. (It’s usually only 2-5 bucks). The reaction they get from people as they wave to them saying thank you is what they enjoy most. They tell me they feel so good after that and they love it. I am very proud of them for how much they are growing up caring about others and realizing how great it feels to do something kind for another person. They have since collected can goods/ clothes and small gifts and dropped them off at local charities and organizations. This all started with a couple stories from last December I read to them from this page. I just wanted to give you guys a shout out and possibly a story to share with others. Merry Christmas and I wish you guys a very awesome 2015!!

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