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Amherstburg, ON Wednesday February 4th, 2015 at 9:42 PM

snow angels

To my fine neighbors on higgins cresent. I recently broke my leg and am finding this weather challenging at best. I came home this evening to find my driveway had snow about a foot deep dumped on it by a plow. Being on crutches I couldn't get out and shovel and felt my only option was to try and drive thru it. No surprise I found myself stuck half on the road and half in my driveway. I had no idea what to do next i just wanted to cry. I must confess I haven't gotten to know my neighbors very well but found today that they are very kind the girl across the street came running over and started digging my car out and another man from down the street came running over with his snow blower and cleared a path for me to get in my house thank you very much snow angels.

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