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Amherstburg, ON Monday June 12th, 2017 at 11:02 AM

Thank you Sobeys Amherstburg

I wanted to thank Trisha, from the bakery at Sobeys Amherstburg for creating the best cake ever for my daughter's birthday! She had called last week to inform me that in spite of all their best efforts, the image machine at their store would just not work and they would be unable to provide me with the image we ordered for our cake. She gave me a couple of other options of what we could do on the cake. I thanked her and said we will figure something out. I had to call back a short time later to clarify a couple of thinks and she repeatedly thanked me for being so kind and not getting mad at her. She had made several calls that day and most had not been received well. I went on a hunt for something to put on this cake and finally settled on a package of stickers I found at a dollar store. My daughter's party was dog themed, so it had to fall into that category. I took the stickers in to Tricia and she was so nice and thanked me again for being so nice and pleasant about the situation and introduced me to her coworkers as her favorite customer that was so nice about the cake. I laughed and left the stickers in her capable hands. We'll let me tell you, not only did the cake look amazing, my daughter was jumping up and down saying it was even better than the boring picture she was supposed to get and it was the best cake ever because no one will ever have one like it!
I would also like to say shame on the people that were so enraged with this poor woman that was just doing her job. She has no control over the machine and they had done everything in their power up until that point to rectify the issue. They were offering other solutions to try and accommodate the orders. My daughter cried at first when I told her, but she's a child and I would expect that reaction from a child.

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