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Amherstburg, ON Tuesday May 16th, 2017 at 9:04 AM

Rescue Cats for Adoption!

Bruce and Alfred are 8 month old brothers born in early Sept 2016. They have been fixed, microchipped, vaccinated, dewormed, and have received flea treatments with paperwork to prove! No vet visits necessary, just take them home! They are bonded and must be kept together upon adoption. Both have an excellent temperament, calm and lots of purring. Alfred is quiet and dignified, likes to play but prefers to cuddle. Opposed by Bruce who is shy at first but always ready to chase a ball and is only ready to cuddle once tuckered out. These two are perfect for a busy household or someone who enjoys the companionship but perhaps doesn't always have time to play with cats. Bruce offers play time for Alfred and Alfred is always willing to cuddle with Bruce! This is the benefit to adopting two cats! Not as much work as one cat alone!
They are good with children and are used to being around small to medium sized dogs; I'm sure given a little time they could get used to large dogs.
Contact Nikkie 519-984-1050 or Lisette 226-975-2641 to fill out the questionnaire to ensure a good match. $40 for the pair. Serious inquiries only please

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