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Amherstburg, ON Wednesday January 8th, 2014 at 7:17 PM

On the worst road conditions I was going to Amherstburg on Alma Road to go to a job Interview. Even though I was driving slow and trying to get to the interview i did a 180 on the ice then my car went on its side in the snow so I was tipped all the way up. Two men who I did not see earlier came to my resuce and made sure I was okay till the ambulance and police showed up. The abulance men were so nice and got me to calm down, along with the police. I just wanted to let you know on that day all of you made my day so so much better even though my husband was out of town for the day I felt like I was at home. So a HUGE THANK YOU to the Amhershburg police and ambulance thank-you thank-you you were all so wonderful and angels.

P.S. the car was not that damaged excerpt for some dents that can be fixed and it runs.

Love Tina Fynbo
A very grateful person to be alive.

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